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This Month: New Booksweeps, New story in Woman's World

Haven't Read The Magic in Me? Win It!

Emi Watson is struggling with her new job at Knox Machinery. Not only is she dealing with her nasty manager, but she’s torn between two of her new coworkers: Pak Zacharia, her fellow intern, and the company’s controller, Tony Guiden. Her budding relationship with Tony reveals hidden talents Emi had no idea she possessed that have the power to change her life—if she’ll let them. Until then she’d be unable to accept that magic was real. Described as a mashup of mystery, chick-lit, and magical realism, The Magic in Me is a genre-busting fun read.


Wedding Woes featured in Woman's World May 12 - 18

Read my first Woman's World Mini-Mystery, Wedding Woes, on sale May 12 - 16.

It's a short read, just 700 words. Pick up a copy and tell me what you think.


Looking for something new? Try an Amish-themed Romance

Hometown, Hearts of the Ridge by Wendy Rich Stetson

When Tessa's big-city plans take the A Train to disaster, she lands in her sleepy hometown, smack in the middle of the most unlikely love triangle ever to hit Pennsylvania's Amish Country. Hot-shot Dr. Richard Bruce is bound to Green Ridge by loyalty that runs deep. Deeper still is Jonas Rishel's tie to the land and his family's Amish community. Behind the wheel of a 1979 camper van, Tessa idles at a fork in the road. Will she cruise the superhighway to the future? Or take a slow trot to the past and a mysterious society she never dreamed she'd glimpse from the inside?


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