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Is that peaceful lakeside cabin a little too quiet?

Grab a handful of murder, magic, or chocolate!

Secrets hide behind those peacefully shuttered windows...

Deception awaits around the next curve in the road. Rumors spread over garden hedges, fishing ponds, and knitting circles. Neighborhood cats discover a boneyard.

And when Death strolls through the tranquil countryside or checks into the quaint village inn for the weekend, it's the intrepid - and often accidental - investigators who must find and decipher clues, unravel mysteries, and bring the killer to justice. Cozy Villages of Death is now available on Amazon.

And when those women are magic users in the prime of their power… those are the Witches of a Certain Age.

They may be mothers or grandmothers, run a corner store, rule in the boardroom, or spend their days in their art studio. They might concoct potions both mundane and magical in pristine laboratories or cozy kitchens. Some actively wield their power, while others use quietly subtle manipulations. These are women who have power and know how to use it – and have incorporated their magic into their lives.

We love sweet romance stories like we love truffles and cordials, toffees and caramels – and when they’re bathed in a decadent coating of rich, creamy chocolate, they’re satisfying, delicious – and we can’t stop with just one.

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates is a collection of deliciously sweet contemporary romances – stories filled with meet-cutes, nutty quirks, and the unexpected richness hidden beneath the surface of the characters and their developing relationships. And chocolate!


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