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This month: Crime-solving ghosts and a New Zealand Adventure!

Happy Accidents, and other humorous short stories

New Release Available on Amazon

From the truly ridiculous to the charmingly sublime comes “Happy Accidents, and other Humorous Short Stories”, an anthology that is sure to make your sides sore. Join me and a wonderfully talented assortment of writers as we celebrate the joys of telling tales and sharing smiles, whether with the world around us or the pages before us. My short story, The Department of Spectral Affairs features a new, but enthusiastic ghost haunting a thieving corporate officer with the help of a team of dearly-departed former employees.

The Scenicland Radio by Simon Michael Prior

New in the Shenanigans in the South Pacific Series

When English city boy Simon follows his girlfriend across the world to her family farm in remotest New Zealand, he has no idea he’ll be force-fed beetle larva, get pushed off the road by half a house, and flattened by a giant leaf-blower.

As he poisons the milk, dive-bombs the bulls, and loses the herd of cows in a river, will he ever learn to be a farmer, or will he have to stop impersonating a country boy, and return to London?

Death in a Pale Hue by Susan Van Kirk

Available June 7

Hired to manage a new community art center, thirty-year-old artist Jill Madison vows to make it successful so the people of her town will have what she did not have—an education in the arts. She no sooner accepts the job than a burglar makes off with an irreplaceable sculpture and an uninvited corpse is discovered in the basement. How will she keep her job, run her first big event, and escape a killer who plans to paint her out of the picture permanently?

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