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Score a free book. Win a signed edition. Discover a new author.

Kick off the holiday with THREE family-friendly anthologies. Read my short story, Jimmy's Wish List

Bad-Mouthed - A Doodlebugged Family-Friendly Mystery by Susan Kroupa

FREE through December 15, 2021.

Laugh along with Doodle, the obedience-impaired labradoodle who has won the hearts of dog lovers of all ages. Doodle’s the first to admit he doesn’t get Christmas. It's not his job to play a black sheep in a Christmas pageant. Things get interesting when Doodle attracts the attention of a popular video-blogger, whose subsequent “feature” jeopardizes the boss’s business.


Win a Signed Copy of Mistletoe is Murder by Teri Barnett

Skeletons with secrets, prohibition pirates, and holiday hijinks

Morgan Hart is hoping for a boring Christmas. She might even work up the nerve to ask Caleb Joseph over for dinner. But Morgan’s holiday plans go up in smoke when dark and shadowy secrets are revealed during the clean-up of the 19th century-built home. Can Morgan and Cal uncover the ghostly truth or are they destined for a disastrous deck-the-halls?


The Signal Out Of Space by Jack Stoumbos

NEW SPACE OPERA - Join the adventure on December 10, 2021

Human beings are the new species on the block, and they are learning how much reputations matter. Everyone already knows that the reptiles adapt, the brutes endure, the bugs explore, the rodents reproduce, and the humans… make war. They aim to write a new impression with their brave new venture: the Interstellar Initiative.

Are you ready to join the Initiative?

This adventure launches on December 10th, 2021


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