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June 2021 - Your summer adventure starts here

Whatever your passion, summer is the season to indulge it! Curl up with a book in a shady nook. Kick back at the beach and outline that romance novel you've wanted to write. Go hiking, biking, boating, or butterfly watching. These tools will get you moving toward your summer adventure. Skip to the survey at the bottom of this newsletter to share your summer adventure whether it is a new book series, the trip of a lifetime, or a few weeks of peace and quiet. Readers: Thriller fans - want to get into the head of an actual spy? The YouTube Channel "Talks with a Spy" gives you a glimpse into a spy's confidential thoughts and processes. Most of the episodes are in French, but there is a playlist of videos with English subtitles. A great resource for thriller authors, too! Writers: Need a place to store all that research and organize your ideas? Notion is a free application that provides a place to store notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars, and reminders. Users can connect these components to create their own systems for knowledge management, note-taking, and data. I use Notion to track story ideas, publishing outlets open for submission, and character sketches for future adventures. Google Forms for Notion, another free app, allows you to imbed your Google forms into Notion tables. Readers - use Notion to track reading lists, wish lists, blog subscriptions, and more. Adventurers: Writing is a sedentary activity, so I'm always looking for new ways to get active. Back in May, we found a great deal on a pair of used kayaks. I hadn't the slightest idea how to even hold a paddle, but I found the help I needed at From gear reviews to launch sites, you'll find what you need to start your new adventure on the water, including instructional videos and an online community. You can record your paddling journeys right on the site to help others. If you canoe or kayak somewhere other than the U.S. share the best paddling resource. Enjoy this newsletter? Share it with a friend! Visit my website,, for more about me and my books.

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