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April finds - a benefit for Ukraine, a near-death memoir, and adventures, past, and future

SEEDS OF LOVE is a romance anthology to benefit Ukraine. This collection of short romance stories is not available anywhere else. 100% of the royalties will be donated to United Help Ukraine, a charitable organization dedicated to helping the Ukrainian people affected by Russia’s invasion. They are a grassroots, entirely volunteer-based organization that provides aid to wounded Ukrainian warriors, assistance to their families, and support to internally displaced people.

This anthology features 47 authors. The stories include various sub-genres of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, dark romance, and romantic comedy.

Prepare for an incredible account of a near-death experience. The only thing we have in common is time - we cannot predict the end of our life. What are you doing with your life now? What dreams do you hope to fulfill and how are you going to get there? This book will bring you back to your center of true self and add a new perspective to your life.

...and straight into the arms of a charming scoundrel.

Posing as a servant, Margaret Chambers boards a ship bound for Van Diemen's Land. It doesn't take long for her new mistress to discover her deception, but Margaret has much to offer. Maria Davies and Margaret soon form a close friendship until convict Will Hartley crosses her path. Margaret is a Colonial Australian love story based on the life of Margaret Chambers, the daughter of Sir Samuel Chambers and Lady Barbara Roper.

Bjorn is a man consumed by darkness, doing all he can to protect the fantasy lands of Novus. There are no lengths he won’t go to, no man he won’t kill. Ada is a law enforcement officer avenging her lost love, doing all she can to destroy Novus and the sinister company that created it. They killed her husband, and they will kill many more. What will happen when their paths cross? Set in 2123, with magic and futuristic tech; sorcerers and soldiers; magical creatures, and flying cars, Novus brings a new edge to both science fiction and fantasy.


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