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A FREE Cozy Series, New Young Adult, and a Mystery Series for Younger Readers

FREE Cozy Series: Meet Barb and Bernie Silver

Barb and Bernie Silver are Baby Boomer detectives who also happen to be married to each other. Imagine one of the Hardy Boys married to Nancy Drew 50 years later! Every mystery they solve further disproves the dismissive phrase "Ok, Boomer."

Insurance investigators by training, the Silvers are now semi-retired and run Silver Investigations, a detective agency that specializes in cases where age is an edge. Sometimes they work with younger colleagues, investigations for which their motto is "Intergenerational Ingenuity." Click on the titles to read these short stories FREE. All the stories are a quick 15 -20 minute read. Find the series at:

New in Young Adult: Mellissadorha

Mellissadorha is trying to find her place in society where she doesn’t fit.

She's at odds with her mother and older brother and her father has left them. She doesn't get along with her classmates, who consider her a freak. When she and her only friend are attacked, Mellissadorha responds by using magic which only makes things worse. Anger and curiosity make her go to Vahldohr, her father’s world, where she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between white wizards and dark ones. Magic is everywhere, and she must learn how to use her powers to protect herself.

Do you know a voracious younger mystery fan looking for a new series?

The Saxe Point Park Mystery is the first in Peter Holland's Vancouver Island series for younger mystery fans aged 8 - 14.

Billy, Ricky, and Sarah discover thieves stealing some alien apparatus and trying to sell it. They must solve the mystery of what it is. Can they stop the robbers without being found out?

Launching March 5 on Amazon!


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