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Recent college graduate Emi Watson struggle with a new job, a new relationship, and family drama until an unlikely mentor uncovers hidden talents that have the potential to make Emi's life amazing--if she'll let them.

Awkward and ordinary, Emi Watson is thrilled to land a prestigious summer internship close to home. Though Emi's fellow intern, Pak Zacharia, becomes more than a friend, Emi also develops a crush on Tony Guiden, an executive with an intriguing but eerie interest in her.

The interns' summer is marred by a hateful manager who threatens to fire Pak. When Emi turns to Tony for help, he delivers--but new troubles arise. As Emi struggles with these dilemmas, Tony urges her to allow him to mentor awaken the unusual talents he believes she possesses.

When a beautiful co-worker catches Pak's eye, Emi again turns to her new mentor. An intimate afternoon with Tony is followed by a series of unexplainable events which force Emi to accept that there really is magic within her.

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