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March Newsletter - New mystery series and a YA Sci-Fi Fantasy

Discover the mysterious world of the Borderlands in Hallelujah from BJ Taylor

The SUV of the Border Patrol Agents suddenly careens out of control, throwing one man through the window to his death.

The other stumbles from the vehicle, his memories locked inside him as he falls into a coma.

U.S. Marshal Gabriella Zamora is ordered to investigate. Her team—a Native American shaman with the innate ability to sense things others cannot; a genius who uses the power of technology to peel back the layers of a mystery; and a woman experienced in exposing the criminal mind.

Law agencies lock horns in a vicious battle of wills when a secret recording turns the case in an entirely new direction. The marshals encounter powerful emotions and angry souls as they strive to solve their first Borderland Mystery.

BJ Taylor is a native Texan who has lived in the Borderlands for decades. BJ’s first-hand experiences along the Texas/Mexico border sparked this incredible new mystery series.

New in YA Sci-Fi

Olivia is destined to be the future leader of Meliora. She’s smart, rich, and innovative, and she has a pink Identifeye light.

Andy is destined to be a waiter and househusband. His blue Identifeye light prevents him from pursuing his dream of becoming an engineer. After all, whoever heard of a male engineer?

But when Andy’s life becomes entangled with Olivia’s and he gets the chance to prove himself on the female stage, everything starts to change.

In a society where men are second-class citizens and only binary gender norms are acceptable, Andy and Olivia must confront their own beliefs and decide what kind of world they want to live in.

New Woman's Fiction from Shannon Lane

Kenna Maverick spent her entire life as an outcast of her family. After losing the only relative she could rely on, she spiraled into an abyss of anxiety and depression, yearning for a life free of pain and torment. Now managing a bar in New York City, Kenna finds herself on a journey of self-reflection as she continues to battle a toxic family dynamic. With the help of her close group of friends, she endeavors to acquire the happiness for which she strives and discovers what it is that sets her soul on fire.


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