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Not Deep Enough


The past resurfaces at the most inconvenient times



The past and future haunt Allison Francona and her friends as they employ their uncanny skills to frame a drug dealer, thwart a double murder and find a fortune in diamonds.



The Emi Watson series merges mystery, chick lit, and magical realism. The series invites readers into an entertaining and engaging world perfect for a beach or travel escape.


"This book was captivating, from one chapter to the next, I couldn't wait to see what would happen. Parts of it were humorous, parts were serious, and with just enough sizzle to make you want more. A great read! Looking forward to the next one."

"A new twist in to a mystery novel based in the business world. Giving characters skills that are magical but still believable."

"Suspenseful with a mix of fantasy and science fiction along with a sprinkle of drama...well written and detailed. I was compelled to keep reading and am intrigued to read about Emi's upcoming adventures!"

The Magic in Me by Kelly Zimmer was SUCH a fun read! It's a bit of a cross between a mystery, chick lit, and magical realism--interesting and entertaining


A. C.

S. M. E.