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Dying to Return


There are many kinds of death. Not all of them are permanent.


Join Emi Watson and her friends as they embark on a series of impossible cases that take them from a sleepy community in the Florida Panhandle to an Atlanta penthouse. As each adventure unfolds, Emi must decide if she’s ready to take her remarkable gift to the next level or remain a pawn for others to use.

"This book was captivating, from one chapter to the next, I couldn't wait to see what would happen. Parts of it were humorous, parts were serious, and with just enough sizzle to make you want more. A great read! Looking forward to the next one."

S. M. E.

"GREAT read. I highly recommend it! Really enjoyed reading it; kept me captivated. Hope to see more!"

"Suspenseful with a mix of fantasy and science fiction along with a sprinkle of drama...well written and detailed. I was compelled to keep reading and am intrigued to read about Emi's upcoming adventures!"

Y. A.

A. C.